Karishma Wadhwa

Alisha Bijlani

When I entered the art gallery my eyes spotted a beautiful painting of Gautama Buddha. It was so attractive dat I couldn't take my eyes off it...... As the painting gave me very pacifying n positive vibes I made a stern decision to take it home.

Everyone who came home appreciated it because their mood changed to a calm nhappy mood in a jiffy on seeing the painting at the entrance :-)  


VIsual  Artist

Vinod Nathani

When I saw the paintings, I was stunned by their power, exquisite beauty, form and artistry. The work of Ms.Wadhwa is some of the finest work I have seen, she has developed a level of mastery that only great artists achieve over years of practice and study. She has this unique art of adding this beautiful quality of luminosty to each painting that accentuates the sacredness of her work. The painting that adorns the central wall of my living room was selected by my mother who in her words "was completely captivated by the aura surrounding the painting". When we installed the work, we could feel the energy in my home shift, becoming more uplifting and peaceful. Her work is indeed an art lovers trophy.


Neesha Amrish

Karishma's work is "by the hand - from the heart" !  Her passion reflects in her paintings. Truly laud her unique capability to drift away into a world of serenity and bring out all the divinity through her work ! She will go places !

All the best for a bright future !

Megha Bajaj

Karishma's paintings are like poetry in colours - they speak, they soothe, they move you into Silence. When you take home her painting, you take along a part of her.... probably the purest part of her. Her paintings are not just paintings... for me they are an experience. I have known Karishma on two accounts, one as a student of art and two as a teacher of art. In both roles I have seen her dedication, sincereity and love shine through !

Poonam Sandhu

Harmony, peace, tranquility, purity...these soothing words and thoughts who doesn't want to experience in life ?!

The world is looking for inner peace and satisfaction. KARISHMA...your paintings give a similar feeling to my heart !!

Any piece of art done from the bottom of our heart is going to be pure.....Fabulous work  ! !

Varsha Ranganath

Karishma your paintings bring out the meditative and intensity of the Buddha nature in each one of us. Each of your painting depicts the quality of our core nature that of introspection and inner knowingness.

Your painting "Alchemist" which means transformation of any object into Gold is truly a marvellous gift as it helps me transform my inner world. Just sitting in front of the painting and meditating helps me connect to the Source of all things.

Karishma you as a person too have grown more meditative and spiritual through your master creations. Keep doing the work you do with such love and dedication...

Thank you and looking forward to many more such wonderful meditative art...